Going Home To The Great White North!

It is finally here!! The wonderful Spring Break we have all been waiting for!! I am especially excited for that week because I get to go back home to CANADA!

I am excited to ride my dog sled, camp in my Igloo, and hunt for seals. I am excited to eat Canadian Ketchup chips, Coffee Crisp chocolate bars, and REAL Smarties! I am excited to go to my Canadian washroom and wear my Canadian Tuque (Probably not in that order.)

With all jokes aside, I am actually really excited to go home! My dad has a whole weeks worth of yummy meals planned for me, we are going skiing and snow shoeing with my family, and I am definitely going to catch up on my sleep.  I just checked the temperature converter online and it’s -35 degrees Celsius in Canada, which means -31 degrees Fahrenheit!!  That is so cold!!

I will miss good old Weber, but I am still so excited!

What are your plans for Spring Break??


This Date was a ‘Show-Stopper!’

Okay… so the guy that took me on this date gets MAJOR brownie points.     🙂
First thing we did was get all dressed up and went to the beautiful Austad Theatre at the Weber State campus. Every seat was full and waiting with anticipation for Jerry Steichen, the Conductor of the Utah Symphony, to start the performance.  The show for the evening was a Bravo Broadway, called the “Wicked Divas.” With Stephanie J. Block and Julia Murney as guest artists, this concert was full of ‘diva’ show-stoppers from Opera, Broadway, and popular music. The program included music from Rag-Time, Chicago, Titanic, and Carmen.  My personal favorite was from Phantom of the Opera!  It was a fantastic show that left me with goose-bumbs for the entire night!
If you haven’t guessed, I am a music major here at Weber State and we get the opportunity to put on an Opera!  The Opera is called Die Fledermaus, it’s a humorous, up-beat show with beautiful music and wonderful costumes. I play Adele, the sassy chambermaid for Eisenstein and Rosalinda.
It goes on from March 10th, 11th, and 12th and will be in the Austad Theatre. Tickets range from 10$/7$ and all shows start at 7:30 pm with a matinee on Saturday at 2:00.
You can get your tickets at the Dee Events Center
or on-line at weberstatetickets.com
or call them at 1-800-WSU-TIKS
Hope to see you there!

Can you run 300 marathons??

My room mates and I get along very well. So well, that we all want to room together next year! So one night we were talking about the fun plans we wanted to do together and where we wanted to go… and we decided it would be really cool to train and run a marathon together! So I got on the Internet and began looking up fun marathons. I came across the Disneyland Marathon in California! In this marathon, you get to run through Disneyland Park, California Adventures Park, and you even get Disney-themed Entertainment while you run, with Disney characters cheering you on! Not to mention, every finisher gets a medal!
As I kept researching this event I came across a man named John Bozung. John had run his first marathon in LA in 1988 and when he finished he swore he would never run another one again… As of July 12, 2010, he has completed a total of 300 marathons!  My mom ran the Top of Utah marathon with him, and she said at the beginning of the run he took a terrible fall. He smashed his face on the pavement, broke his nose, and dislocated his finger, but he STILL got up, passed 125 runners, and finished the race! Talk about dedication…
I don’t know if my room mates or I will ever run 300 marathons, I don’t even know if we will finish the first one, but John has given me alot think about. It is inspiring to think that he wanted to give up after one, but has been determined enough to achieve the unimaginable. It has made me want to work harder in all that I do.
Have any of you run a marathon? any advice on training?

Here are my Weber Weekends.. what are yours!

After spending your entire week sitting at a desk, staring at the board, and taxing your mind with these complicated problems, how do you un-wind and de-stress on the weekend?
Ogden has alot of high adventure recreation, To name a few:

  1. Snowbasin, Wolf, and Powder Mountain are super close and it’s a great way to get out side and enjoy the snow.
  2. There are great hiking and biking trails with beautiful views.
  3. Whitewater and pool kayaking plus ice and rock climbing are great ways to try new things!
  4. Down at the Junction, you have Ifly (indoor parachuting), Flowrider (indoor surfing), bowling, arcade games, and a great movie theater.
  5. Another cool place where you can try and de-stress is at Weber State’s Stress Management Lab! In this lab they have stress lab tools such as massage chairs, chi machines, light sound machines, iversion tables, and even ipods and ipads you can work on.  It is a great way to be aware and try to fix your stress!

If you’re worried about getting around town, Ogden has a great transportation system where you can get to Salt Lake really quick and really cheap!

So what do you do on the weekend??

Feel free to leave comments!

Classes have started, groceries are bought, and I am ready to start this semester!

Oh how nice it is to be back in Ogden Utah! My second home!  And it is not as cold as Canada, which is a definite plus..

I was actually excited to come back to school! I am studying Vocal Performance here at Weber State, and I really enjoy it.  I have made many friends while being here and it was nice to see their familiar faces again.  My room mates and I have already put Betos out of business and have already attended a Weber State Neon Dance! I can already tell that this semester is going to be promising.

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